Sell Local Products with Your Online Listing

OurCupboard provides an opportunity to establish a full online marketplace for your consumable products in your local community.

If you currently have a Website and/or Facebook page where you promote your business, adding products to your OurCupboard Listing can add a cost-effective way to display and sell your products online through a secure online check-out system. Just place a link on your Webpage or Facebook Page!

If you distribute through a farm stand or farmers market, we can enhance those marketing efforts by providing you with an additional presence online that is available 24/7/365 days a year!

And…All of the listings are automatically SEO Optimized for Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Additionally, we have built-in an option to list where your products can be picked up after they have been ordered. If you operate at a Farmer’s Market, or Farm Stand you can list these options for customers as ‘pick up locations”.

To encourage “pre-paid” orders for pick up at your location, there is an option to offer discount coupons or special offers. This can be a handy option if you operate from a Farmer’s Market, as you can have guaranteed “Pre-Sales” ready for pick up before you arrive!

Utilizing the many options available with your Business Listing, we can provide the link between the locally raised or produced items you offer and people searching for those products.

Whether you offer just a few or have hundreds of products there is a cost effective  pricing plan available to you.

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No long term commitments! 

Benefits & Features


  • Individual Branded e-store
  • Store Cover Image Banner
  • Coupons & Special Offers
  • Social Media Links
  • Centralized Shopping Cart
  • Multi-Payment Options
  • Local Pickup Coordination
  • e-Store SEO Optimization

 Offer Products

  • Geo Locator for Products
  • Product Images
  • Product Descriptions
  • Set and Edit Product Pricing
  • Optional Product Videos
  • Customer Product Reviews
  • Related Product Display
  • Customer Inquiries

Help & Promo

  • 24/7/365 Online Visibility
  • Secure Vendor Dashboard
  • Immediate Order Notification
  • Order and Payment Tracking
  • Sales & Earnings Reporting
  • Featured Directory Listing
  • Product Related Blog Articles
  • Social Marketing & Promotion

e-Store Savings

  • Avoid Expenses such as:
  • Web Development Fee’s
  • Website e-cart Fee’s
  • Added Web Hosting Fee’s
  • Charge Card Set-up Fee’s
  • Web Maintenance Fee’s
  • SEO Optimization Fee’s
  • Tech Support Fee’s

Offering & Selling Products

Your products must be “consumable” product(s) that are produced within the State of Connecticut
You must be a “Signed Up User” with an account upgraded to “Business Owner”
If you have an existing business listing that has already been claimed, use the “Sell Products” Tab on your Vendor Dashboard and then select a Membership Level.
If you are unsure if a listing exists for your business, do a Search below using your business name.
If you locate an existing listing for your business, follow the how to “Claim a Listing” instructions
If you don’t see your business listed, follow the “Add a Listing” instructions first.

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