Add a New Business to the Local Directory

How To Video - Add a Business Listing

Your listing must be for “Consumable” product(s) that are produced within the State of Connecticut. Do a search using your business name to make sure you don’t already have a listing that is available to be claimed. If you locate an existing  listing for your business, follow the how to “Claim a Listing” instructions.  If you don’t find a listing, follow the instructions below to Add a New Listing.

Step by Step Directions for Adding a New Listing

This process includes changing your status to a Business Owner, selecting a Listing Type, and requesting your Business be Added to the Ourcupboard Directory.

  1. Register as a New User (Name, User Name, Email, and Password), or Login in with your existing user name & password. Click the SIGN UP button – this will direct you to your User Dashboard/ MyProfile page.
  2. Click the Upgrade Account to A Business Owner Button
  3. You will get a notice that you are about to upgrade to be a business owner. Click the Upgrade button.
  4. You will be directed back to your User Dashboard, Select “Membership Levels” on the drop down under “Membership”
  5. Choose between “Local Producer” or “Farmers Market”
  6. You will get a notification of your Membership Level change – click “Submit and Confirm” button
  7. You will see a Membership confirmation and Thank You notice. Your Membership Level is now active.
  8. You will receive a welcome e-mail at the address you signed up with, and a link to optionally review your account creation details.
  9. Login using your user name and password, you will be directed to your User Dashboard
  10. Using “My Businesses” and select “New Business“ from the dropdown list
  11. Enter your Business Information (Tip: Add minimal information – business name, address, email, phone number, map info, and category(s), Once your business has been approved you can add/edit the balance of your business info)
  12. Click the “Create Business“ button at the bottom right
  13. Your User Dashboard will show your business as “Pending”.  Your request to add your business will be reviewed by a Site Administrator, and you will be notified via email of your approval status, usually within an hour, however it can take up to 24..
  14. Once your business has been approved will be able to make edits or changes by logging in to your account which will take you to your User Dashboard. Under the My Businesses dropdown select “Published” . You will note that your Business Name now reflects the “published” status.
  15. Click the BLUE CIRCLE button to the right to edit or add to your business listing information.
  16. Note that a new tab is now available on your User Account to “Become a Vendor”. If you want to add products to your listing, click the tab, and select one of the Vendor Product options and follow the prompts.