How to Claim & Complete Your Listing

Search the Map to find your Business/Market or use the Search Tool below to see if a listing already exists that is available to claim.   If you find your listing, follow the step by step directions below or watch our short “how to video”.

Step by Step Directions

  1. IF you have not registered as a User yet, please sign up now.
  2. Click the SIGN UP button at the top of the page, and Sign Up as a New User (Name, User Name, Email, and Password
  3. Click the SIGN IN button – this will direct you to your User Dashboard –Profile.
  4. You will receive a welcome e-mail at the address you signed up with, and a link to review your account details.
  5. Return to the Search form above, and locate your Business Listing, click “CompleteThis Listing” which is at the bottom right side of the listing.
  6. Enter your  Name , e-mail, and confirm you are the owner/representative of the business, click Claim This Business
  7. Your application to Claim the Listing will be reviewed by the Site Administrator and you will receive an e-mail once it is approved. This usually happens within an hour, but can take up to 24.
  8. After your claim has been approved, Login using your user name and password, you will be directed to your User Dashboard.  Using the My Businesses tab, select All Business.
  9. Click the round BLUE “Edit” Button on the right
  10. Update your Business Information.
  11. When you have finished Click “Update Business
  12. Note that a new tab is now available on your User Account to “Become a Vendor”. If you want to add products to your listing, click the tab, and select one of the Vendor Product options and follow the prompts