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Reading Time: 3 minutes Want to start your first vegetable garden? How hard can it be? Just stick a few seeds in the ground and stand back, right? If only it were that easy! Here are 10 garden planning tips to consider before you dig in: 10 Tips For Starting a Garden 1. Pick the right location—ideally, a sunny [...]read more10 Tips for Beginner Gardeners
Reading Time: 4 minutes When there is snow on the ground, it is easy to see who has been visiting the garden when we are not looking. This week, we discovered white-tailed deer. Here are tips on identifying your winter visitors and how to co-exist with wildlife. It is hunting season in these parts and the deer are on [...]read moreCoexisting With Winter Deer and Wildlife
Reading Time: 3 minutes Whatever you may think of snow (and snow removal!), remember the old saying, “A good winter with snow makes all the plants grow.” If you are a gardener who lives in a winter wonderland, consider the benefits of snow! I had almost forgotten how pretty the snow can be, hanging in the trees, blanketing the [...]read moreThe Beauty and Benefits of Snow in the Garden
Reading Time: 3 minutes Many trees and plants were important to the celebration of the winter solstice (on December 21) both as symbols and as decorations. Find out their meaning … After the solstice, the days will start to get longer, and as the old adage says,”When the days lengthen, the cold strengthens.” Even so, I appreciate seeing a [...]read morePlants of the Winter Solstice
Reading Time: 4 minutes Why do we kiss under the mistletoe? Of all the plants used as Christmas decorations, none has as long and interesting a history as mistletoe. Discover the meaning of mistletoe and fascinating folklore. What is Mistletoe? With evergreen leaves, yellow flowers, and white berries, mistletoe is a parasitic plant usually found high in the canopies [...]read moreWhy Do We Kiss Under the Mistletoe?
Reading Time: 2 minutes Purslane, or Portulaca oleracea, is a garden weed that is edible and has many health benefits. Find out the benefits of the purslane plant here, and get a purslane recipe! Purslane Health Benefits Like many other weeds, purslane is not only edible but also far more nutritious than many of the crops that we plant! [...]read morePurslane: Health Benefits and Recipes
Reading Time: 3 minutes Summer’s a good time to assess what you could use in the garden. Consider the merits of a rain barrel positioned to catch rainfall from downspouts or gutters, especially for plants on dry days or during drought. We have a large rain barrel that collects all of the rain water that comes off of our [...]read moreRain Barrels in the Garden: Harvest Your Water
Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s harvesttime. Cabbages are available at a deal. Few people know that in the early 1900’s, the biggest crop grown in this country was cabbages. That’s because they last a long time when put in a cool spot and they can be fermented into sauerkraut! And sauerkraut is loaded with vitamin C and digestive enzymes. [...]read moreHomemade Sauerkraut Step-by-Step
Reading Time: 2 minutes In some places, gladiolus can be left in the ground all winter. In colder climates, however, they would freeze and die. Gladiolus can be saved, though, if placed in the root cellar and replanted in the spring. Here’s how. First, gently dig the entire gladiolus plant and place on newspapers in a shady spot that [...]read moreSaving Gladiolus
Reading Time: 3 minutes Consider drying your herbs and late-harvest vegetables to keep them longer. Drying is one of the oldest forms of preservation in the world. Virtually all indigenous tribes used the technique as a way to preserve foods for colder or drier times. Dry herbs the same way you dry flowers. Some herbs can be spread out [...]read moreDrying Herbs and Vegetables
Reading Time: 5 minutes A few years ago I was given a beautiful bonsai container and decided to try my hand at growing a compact plant to fit it. I had an old azalea growing in a too-small pot that I thought would be perfect for my experiment. Here’s what I learned about bonsai, a living art form! I [...]read moreHow to Grow a Bonsai Tree
Reading Time: 4 minutes Good Gourd! What’s with the bumpy, weird-looking decorative squash? We get many questions about growing and curing our gourds. (Did you know that the luffa sponge is a gourd?) Discover the world of “gourdgeous” gourds. What are Gourds? Gourds are among the oldest cultivated plants. They were the early water bottles of the Egyptians, and [...]read moreGourds: Types of Gourds, Growing Gourds, Curing Gourds